Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Hemline products?

Hemline products are sold in retail stores globally and online stores. We, as a company do not sell directly to end users or consumers.

If I cannot find Hemline products in stores near to me, or in my country, can you help me?

Please email us through the consumer feedback section of our website and we will try point you in the right direction to help you secure your desired product.

Can I write directly to you if we are having any problems or need help with any of the Hemline Products?

Yes, Absolutely. We love to help. We are fully committed to product support and would like to hear about any range or product suggestions you might have or any trouble you are experiencing with our existing products. Please contact us in either case via the “Consumer Feedback” section.

Do you have online instructional videos to help with the application or use of Hemline items?

Yes we do. Please click on our Youtube Channel link here or the “Video” section tab on the website.

How are Hemline products packaged and quality controlled?

Our quality control program & full product packaging specification is carried out for each and every item within our own factory. We do not outsource or do any third party packaging for any Hemline items.

How does the range develop year on year?

Our group owns several retail shops which allow us to be in direct contact with end consumers as such we are constantly being updated on what is popular and what other products might be helpful to our consumers. We also internally employ many fully qualified Sewing and Craft Educators as product consultants.

Can I distribute your products in my country?

If you are indeed having trouble locating our Hemline Products in your country, have a registered business, and a genuine interest in distributing our products to stores in your country, kindly contact us via “Consumer Feedback” section.