What is SewAid?

SewAid is a program which offers selected women in very poor countries the opportunity to not only learn to sew, but to also provide them with the machines, equipment and skills they need to start a small home business in dressmaking, alterations or repair.

The SewAid program is primarily a teaching program,which relies heavily on volunteer teachers with sewing or craft skills, who donate their time and expertise, as well as fund their own travel to each program.

The program is run by its founder, Mr Tony Castley and is closely supported by Sewgroup International.

How does the program work?

In a typical program, a group of student applicants are selected, usually using the resources of a recognized aid agency or a local Rotary Club. These women are then given a sewing machine (usually new), a selection of suitable fabrics, and all the sewing accessories needed to get started.

A sewing instruction course is commenced, usually lasting approximately 8-10 days spread over a 2 week period. Teachers are volunteers from various countries who teach basic dressmaking skills for simple clothes, most suitable for sale in the local area. They also teach the basic skills of running their own business, how to sell their products, banking and bookkeeping.

SewAid relies on volunteers to participate in these programs. If you would like to volunteer as a teacher or donate visit sewaid.com
SewAid sets up a training center where students practice their skills on their brand new Janome automatic sewing machines.

SewAid Success

Past programs have included Vanuatu, Mongolia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia Uganda, Madagascar, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, which is fairly typical of the sort of community which SewAid supports.

How Hemline Helps!

Each and every year Hemline supports SewAid by fiscally contributing a portion of its revenue to Sewaid which allows Sewaid to buy the Sewing Machines and the supplies needed to run successful programs. Hemline will also donate annually considerable supplies directly to each program in the way of haberdashery and sewing machine product support. Plus Hemline is creating consumer awareness by promoting on SewAid Hemline cards directly.

The Philippines 2012 Basic Class of 12 showing off their sewn shorts and modelling the fitted skirt and blouse they had all made. Considering that many of these students had never sewn before and many were illiterate, this was a fantastic result. All fabric was donated in bits and pieces.
Consumers and retailers will notice this icon logo on most Hemline cards, as this now forms part of the new Hemline look and global vision.